Review of Bose In-Ear Earphones

These are some of the best earphones you can buy. The pitch, amplitude and overall sound is at the top of the list. They are given 4 to 5 stars from Amazon buyers and CNET gives these earphones a very good rating.

The Unboxing

After you order your earphones, you will get a box shiped to your house. Upon opening the box you see everything laid out in front of you. There is the manual and warranty and the earphones. After you unwrap your new earphones, I suggest pull out your favorite CD, or better yet subscribe to Spodify and recieve the highest streaming music for your new earphones. You will notice immediately the sound quality.

Is it worth the Cost

A big YES. These Bose Earphones are going around $100. The sound quality of these earphones are better than any other earphone on the market to date. You will notice the difference right away. Amazon right now has them for $99.

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These phones do cost a bit more than the average earphone. What you get for the extra price is quality and sound performace. We recommend the Bose In-Ear Earphones for those who enjoy the clarity of music.

If you buy these ear-phones, you are going to want a good music streaming service. We recommend getting Spotify Premium. It is only $9.99 a month but they offer the higheststreaming music quality for your brand new Earphones.

We look for sound quality per cost. Everything else are extras.