Gaggia 14101 Review

The Gaggia 14101 is a wonderful espresso machine. I will review the Gaggia 14101 as a everyday, heavy duty, reliable Espresso Machine. This machine weighs about 19 pounds and looks professional on any counter-tops.

It has a commercial-grade quality that is made up of heavy-duty materials. This makes the Gaggia espresso machine a very longevity espresso maker. It will last a life time by its unique stainless-steel housing design.

This newer model has a brushed stainless. This was not part of the original early models. The older models had appliance enamel finish. Any scratches or imperfections in the finish would get damaged by water slipping in.

However, The Gaggia 14101 Original Model with a brass finish will retain its finish much longer. The brass components also help stabilize the temperature with a three-way solenoid valve and independent expansion valve, so you can get the best espresso at the right temp.

What’s Included?

You will feel like a Barista at home. This machine works with coffee pods and can deliver up to two cups at once. It includes two stainless steel filter baskets, a coffee tamper and a 7g measuring scoop. The operation is very simple to use. First, you have to fill the water take in the top opening. Second, you turn on three different switches and you have streaming hot water for your professional-grade Teas and Americanos.

Cleaning is also easy. The 72-ounce water reservoir is removable. It is recommended before putting the machine away for a long period of time that the machine be cleaned with distilled water. This will help clean the inside parts and make sure it keeps at peak performance. The Gaggia 14101 included manual will also show you helpful cleaning tips.

This unit is designed and made in Italy by Gaggia. Gaggia is a well-known and respected company in the espresso industry. Its design is to cater to durability, rather than its beauty; however, it will work on virtually any counter-top. Every switch is easy to find and the top reservoir is simple to fill. You will smell the aromatic shots and think how you ever learned without one.

Overall, you get a well purchase item. It’s durable, yet appealing to the eyes and the easy to use switches and easy to find reservoir will have you making espressos like an original Barista. You will be the envy of your family and friends. This machine should last you several decades for a reasonable price.

Best Price

Right now Amazon has the best price on these. I have seen Amazon lower their prices on these in recent months.

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